A friend of mine recommended that I download the demo for Limbo on Xbox Live. He knows my gaming taste, so I downloaded it to check it out and see if he was right yet again. He was! Limbo is amazing. It’s a 2d puzzle game and the main character is a little boy on the search for his sister. There’s no dialogue or backstory told in the beginning of the game. It simply opens with the little boy, basically a dark silouette with white eyes, laying there waiting for you to start his journey through Limbo.

The game is eerily, beautiful. The world looks as if it was drawn in charcoal. Featuring only blacks, and shades of grey. I love the artistic side of it and if I could, I would totally hang a frame from the video game on my wall. Like I said before, the purpose of the game is to rescue your sister, but lots of obstacles stand in your way. Death is literally hanging around every corner. There are spiders out to get you, bear traps, kids that trick you on the way…it’s very inventive! You really have to think to pass each obstacle-using yourself, nature and ordinary objects to help you along. But just remember, things aren’t as simple as they look. I learned this after dying over and over in one spot. The game is very much trial and error. After every death (the death’s are horrific!), you should learn from your mistake.

If you have an Xbox live account, I definitely recommend buying this game or at least downloading the demo! It really is amazing. You will find yourself lost in “Limbo” in just a few minutes. Even though” Limbo” is short, about 5-6 hours, it’s definitely worth getting. It costs 1200 Microsoft points which is about $15. Totally worth it! Check out this short video to see some gameplay.



The bf was on military “orders” last week and again this week. I loved my time alone for the first 2 days and after that I was like “OMG! COME HOME!” If he ever gets deployed, I’m just going to go visit my mom in Memphis. He’s been deployed a couple of times, but it was before I moved in. Speaking of moms, I need to visit her anyway! I haven’t seen her since January. I miss her…a lot. Isn’t it weird that I managed to visit her more when I lived in the Netherlands than I do now?

I had a really nice weekend. The bf had a birthday on Saturday. I cooked all of his favorite meals. SO we had bacon (we never eat bacon!), biscuits, eggs, and sausages for breakfast, cupcakes for lunch, and ribs/corn/salad for dinner. My first rack of ribs came out perfectly. Thanks to Jim who never fails me when it comes to a recipe. I canvassed for Planned Parenthood on Sunday. I, along with 3 others, went door to door in Bridgeport, WV, speaking the importance of prevention and collecting “prevention first” postcards. Most people immediately associate Planned Parenthood with abortions but it’s so much more. Planned Parenthood’s main goal is to make sure every individual has access to preventive reproductive healthcare and education in order to make thoughtful and responsible decisions regarding sexuality. It’s very important that prevention efforts continue to get funding in West Virginia. Every day 10 teenagers get pregnant in West Virginia. Crazy! I had a great time talking to the people in the community and getting to know some fellow activists. And I got a cool shirt and some stickers!

In other news, I’ve been applying to jobs again. As you know, I have a very part time job at a retail store. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I do want a job that offers more hours, stability, and something I enjoy. After sending out resumes, I have an interview next week for a pre-k teacher position. Excited! Cross your fingers that I get it!


As you know, the Dutch lost this Sunday. I’m really proud of them for making it to the final. You did good, boys! I got to watch the final game with my very own Dutchie, Arjan and a couple from roller derby.
We started off watching the game at a bar, but the atmosphere got a little tense when Arjan started yelling/screaming at the tv in Dutch. The other customers started getting a little pissy. Someone even played the jukebox to drown him out. Little did they know he can definitely out yell a jukebox 🙂 After the first half, we were invited to my friend’s house. Definitely a good call. There was more room for Arjan to scream Dutch swear words and jump/run around the house! It was a sight to see.

Arjan is gone now, but I had such a lovely time while he was here. He stopped by for a few days as part of his “around the world” trip. He’s travelling the world for a year and lucky for us-blogging/taking fabulous photos along the way. Make sure you check out his blog- The Other Flying Dutchman. I can’t wait to read about his adventures. Especially, South America.

While he was here I go to do a lot of exploring/site seeing. We visited a small town in PA to see architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Falling Water. The house was beautiful. It flowed and fit perfectly with it’s surroundings. Just as it was meant to.
(photo by Arjan)

While we were in the Pittsburgh area we walked around the strip district, met up with a friend of Arjan’s and had Primanti Brothers. I’ve been wanting to go to Primanti Brothers since I saw them featured on an episode of Man vs Food. Primanti bros is a sandwich shop that sells a variety of HUGE sandwich that include some awesome cole slaw and fries on the sandwich! I got a turkey and cheese and Arjan had some kinda of sausage deal.

He finished all of his and I almost made it. Almost! Definitely about 75% of it was devoured.

The next day was an outdoorsy day. We traveled to the southeast corner of West Virginia to visit Blackwater Falls Park. On the way there we randomly came across the smallest church in the U.S., Our Lady of Pines. It was adorable.

Once in the park, we did about 5 miles of hiking, explored some waterfalls and dangled our feet off of cliffs! Well, Arjan and I did. The bf is a bit afraid of heights.

I crossed something else off the list! #92-screaming fuck you to a few people off the top of a mountain. 🙂

It felt good 🙂


I had a lovely weekend in Columbus, Ohio. The drive was short enough that I didn’t have to make any stops and long enough that I got to clear my head and scream along to my favorite songs with the windows down, of course. I shouldn’t have worried that I wasn’t going to have a good time. I had an AMAZING time with my family. There was lots of yummy African food, family I had not seen in years, dancing, beer-just all around good times. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures but I will share the few that I have.

Watching Ghana v. Uruguay on the edge of our seats/floor. This game was intense. Epic overtime. You should’ve seen the faces of my family when Ghana missed a goal or the loudness of the house when they did score. Minus my father who is actually sleeping in one of the pics. Even though you didn’t win, we are proud of you Ghana!

“little cousins who aren’t so “little” anymore”

“Dancing with the Devil”

There are a couple of different devils that we have in the Mende culture. This is a Goboi devil. I’m not sure what each devil represents, but they are spirits that dance and bring joy. Which confuses me as to why they are referred to as a devil. I enjoy and even anxiously await the devils appearance at parties now. When I was younger it was a different story. My sister and I were we were deathly afraid of them. Especially the black, Bundu devils (video below). We always knew when they were coming out on the dance floor. You can tell by the music. The normal West African music with horns would stop and very tribal music with drums at a fast pace and older women whining in Mende would replace it. As soon as we heard it, we bolted to my mom and dad to hide from the devil. We were such crybabies! Here are some videos I found of youtube of the devils dancing so you can get an idea of what they do.

The video above is of a Bundu devil! The one that frightened me as a kid. This video doesn’t do the devil justice. The devil dances wildly-shaking and jumping everywhere. This is only the beginning of the dance. I wish they filmed the whole thing.

This is a Goboi devil. Sometimes at an event two different devils come out. One for men to dance around and another for women. This, is obviously one for the men.