pepperoni rolls!

Today the bf and I went to the WV Three Rivers Festival Carnival. It was cute. Smaller than what I’m used to for a carnival, but hey, it’s a small town. What did I expect?

We weren’t really interested in the rides. It was a beautiful sunny day and we couldn’t spend it inside! Oh…and I wanted to get a fresh pepperoni roll. :3 Some of you may not know what a pepperoni roll is. I didn’t before I moved to the “Pepperoni Roll capital of the world” (they were invented here!). Here, Pepperoni Rolls are everywhere! In gas stations, grocery stores, on menus, in some man’s cart on the side of the road. Ok, maybe not in someone’s cart, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw that. Pepperoni Rolls consist of “a fairly soft white yeast bread roll with pepperoni baked in the middle. The pepperoni can take several forms: a single stick; several folded slices; or shredded or ground meat. During baking, spicy oil from the pepperoni suffuses the bread”. The Three Rivers festival had a pepperoni roll eating contest and a pepperoni roll bake off, so I figured it would be a good place to loose my pepperoni roll virginity.

And I figured right! OH MY, was that pepperoni roll good. My pepperoni roll is the one on the right. It was split and inside there was mozzerella cheese and a sort of chilli sauce. The bf’s is on the left. He only opted for cheese. Oh and those other things in his plate? Those are fried oreos. He wanted to try them. I had one, but didn’t really care for it.

Anywho, I love pepperoni rolls and can’t wait to take some down to my mom and sister in Memphis. I think they’ll like them too. in the meanwhile, Ill try not to eat too many of my new found love!


gaming :3

I feel like the gaming gods have blessed me in the last few weeks! Steam, became available for Mac. Steam is a platform that PCs have had for yeaaaaars! It’s basically like an application for your computer that allows you to download games of all kind directly from them. That means no going to the store to get Left 4 Dead. You can just download it straight from Steam! It also has a built in buddy list-you can message your friends while they’re in game, join their game(if you have the same one), and just stalk them to see what game their playing and how long they’ve been spending on it. If you happen to have it, feel free to add me. User name is pinkielarue. I only have a few games at the moment since there are only a few mac compatible ones I’m interested in. But they are promising to release new mac games! Not to worry. For I have a Starcraft 2 Beta key!

Starcraft 2 comes out in July, but I am in a beta group and get to play now! It’s basically a learning experience for me. It’s my first real time strategy game and I’ve only played the original Starcraft a handful of times. I’m still crappy, but a lot better than I was when I first started playing. The Starcraft beta is ending on May 31st, but not to worry for I have been invited to the Alpha testing of the new World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm!

Alpha testing is pre-Beta testing only for friends and family of Blizzard employees (the company that makes both Starcraft and World of Warcraft). So, lucky to have a friend that works for that company 🙂 I’ve been playing this game the most! I’ve made new characters in both the new classes (worgen and goblins) and of course imported my 80 Priest to the Alpha realms. I haven’t done any questing with the level 80, but I’ve done the new instance, Blackrock Caverns and I must say it is pretty cool. Simple, but cool. I would love to post screen shots and say more, but I’m under an NDA and not sure how much I can actually say.

So apologies if you see me as “available” on skype, aim, msn and don’t get a reply. I am probably full screen in some game 🙂