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Apple announced the release of it’s upcoming operating system today. OS 4.0 will be released sometime in June. It’s not as dramatic as when we got MMS (last year), but there are some cool features. If you wanna hear Steve Jobs himself talk about the updates, you can watch it here. Otherwise check out my YAY! / Meh… list of the upcoming features


*MULTITASKING*-FINALLY! I can multitask without having to jailbreak my phone. Multi-tasking will now allow you to run more than one app at once.

here’s an example from gizmodo.

Skype: In previous versions, Skype needs to be open to receive calls. That makes it useless as a phone replacement. In iPhone OS 4, Skype can keep running in the background to receive calls. It doesn’t matter you are surfing the web or playing a game: You will be able to pick up the call—switching instantly to Skype—have a conversation for as long as you want, and then return to your browser or game just where you left it.


You can organize all of your apps into folders. You can take an app and drop it on top of another to create a folder. To see the contents of a folder or change the default name, just tap it for an expanded view. You can add as many folders as you like. I’m going to make a games folder, a social network folder, a diet folder. It will make everything easier to access and less cluttered. And best of all, I won’t have to search through my pages like a madwoman for a specific app!

*Game Center* – SOOOOO excited about this one. I looooove gaming and I love bragging about my gaming even more. The game center is going to be similar to something like Xbox Live. You’ll have a profile and be able to boast about your game achievements, scores, and play with your friends.

*Gifting Apps– you will be able to send an app as a gift. I’m gonna love this. I’m going to gift all of my friends who suck at taking their turns on Lexulous (facebook scrabble), a Lexulous app. You will have no excuses then 😛


*Ibooks*-I’m on the fence on this one. I drooled over the Ipad mostly because it has this feature. On one hand, I’m excited to see Ibooks come to the iphone, and on another, I’m like REALLY?! Who wants to read a book on this tiny ass iphone screen. I’d rather have a nook or an actual book. But it’s nice that it’s here.

*ZOOM*– I use my iphone camera a lot. Actually all the time, as my actual camera is broken 😦 but I am not excited about a zoom feature. I have apps that have done this for months. Give me something else, Apple! I really want a photobooth app!

*Bluetooth keyboards*– You will be able to use your bluetooth wireless keyboards with your iphone. Big whoop! I have an apple bluetooth keyboard and I really don’t think I would ever use it with my iphone. If I am somewhere where I can use my wireless keyboard, that means I can use my similar sized macbook…sooo yea. I just don’t see the point of this addition…for me anyway.

*AVAILABILITY*– If you have an iphone 3gs or an Ipod 3rd generation, then hurrah! You get all of these features! If you have a iphone3g like MOST people (me included), then you only get some of them. BUMMER! Only time will tell which ones we get! Well…besides multitasking. It has already been announced that we aren’t getting that 😦

There are other features being added, but these are the ones that I felt were worth of writing about and getting a YAY! and MEH… status 🙂

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