road trip!

I had such a good time with the bf on our little road trip. Here’s what went down:

Day 1-our town, West Virginia to Buffalo, New York
This part of the trip was only supposed to take 4 and a half hours, BUT in Pennsylvania I saw a sign pointing to the direction of Lake Eerie and lighthouses. I had never seen a lighthouse and it was still pretty early and not out of the way, so we stopped at a beach/park. We spent an hour walking around and driving. And I got to see my lighthouse! 😀

After the pitstop we drove the last hour and a half to Buffalo. We arrived and had buffalo wings for dinner. We went to the Anchor Bar which is the place they were invented. They were yummy, but I’ve had better. I got extra hot and the bf got BBQ. He’s a baby when it comes to hot stuff where as, I am an West African girl who was raised eating the spiciest foods! It was nothing for me. *brushes shoulder off*

After dinner we rested for a bit before driving 30 minutes to Niagara Falls to see the falls at night. We got there and I could barely see anything because of all the mist and hellooo it was dark. I was kind of disappointed and after walking around for 15 minutes I said “FUCK IT! Let’s go back to the car”. We were walking back when *click*, someone turned on the lights! All of a sudden the falls were lit up with green light in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. It was beautiful. I turned my grumpy frown upside down and enjoyed the lovely view!

Even though it was St. Patrick’s Day, we didn’t go out drinking. We spent the night with Jennifer, the girl we were staying with, talking and stuffing our faces with cookies. Good times.

Day 2- Niagara Falls to Toronto, Canada!

The next day we woke up and had a big breakfast with Jennifer before heading out to see Niagara Falls during the day. The plan was to see it from the American side, the Canadian side, and then on to Toronto!

The view of the falls from America’s side were kind of crappy(comparatively). There were lots of barricades because of the ice and because you’re next to the falls, the view is kind of obstructed.

the Canadian view was amazing. you could get a lot closer to the falls, so we spent quite awhile sitting there enjoying it. The sound of the water falling was so loud, but soothing. I joked to the bf that I should record it to fall asleep to. (I sometimes fall asleep to recorded nature sounds)

After the falls it was on to Toronto! Unfortunately we had a little setback at the border patrol. We were one of the lucky cars that got picked to get searched. Yay! :/ They searched the car COMPLETELY! I mean, the door panels, everywhere in the trunk, under the seats-it was very thorough! They especially got curious over the baked goods we had in our car. Jennifer gave us homemade cookies and brownies for the trip. The patrol guy actually opened and sniffed every ziplock and questioned us if the brownie marked “w” was for weed.

We assured him it was for walnuts as he sniffed it! Haha, after the search we got our stamps and continued to Toronto!

Days 3, 4, 5-Toronto, Canada!
Toronto is SUCH an artsy/hip city. Also very international and diverse. Foreign people make up 50% of the city. And you could definitely tell since there were “ethnic” neighborhoods called like Little Italy, Corso Italia, Greektown, Portugal Village, Koreatown, Little India, Little Jamaica, and my favorite Chinatown. I love shopping/eating in Chinatown’s. Up until Toronto, NYC’s chinatown was my favorite. But not anymore Toronto’s chinatown is HUGE! And spans for streets and streets and has tons of shops/bubble tea places and even malls! We spent an entire afternoon there-exploring, having lunch, and shopping.

Most of our time in Toronto was spent walking around exploring and eating yummy food! But we also did some touristy stuff. We took a walking tour and went to the CN Tower-which is a HUGE tower, the second tallest in the world actually. (It’s one of the seven modern wonders of the world, which means I got to see 2 wonders on this trip!) We took the tour, which takes you up the tower, in a glass elevator. I’m not usually afraid of heights, but I was definitely a little uneasy in this swaying, glass elevator, going 1500ft above Toronto! Once we stopped on the first level (1200ft) I was ok. The view from up there was amazing! There was also a glass floor. Yup. A glass floor 1200ft above the ground. Of course I was scared, but I walked on it and after me making fun of him for awhile, the bf did too. It was crazy looking down.

After hanging around on that floor for awhile, we took the elevator up to the highest point. Pretty cool.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring the city and then celebrating my birthday with a cupcake, a nice dinner, and some beers! All in all a great little vacation and birthday.

9 thoughts on “road trip!

  1. aw – Happy Birthday!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures!! I’m glad you stopped to see the lighthouse – road trips are so much better when you can take detours 🙂

    I laughed out loud about the walnut/weed brownie. I would have told him to take a bite just to be a brat.

  2. OMG!! The pictures are awesome! Love the Niagra Falls pics, I’m so jealous!! And BTW how’d you make the post card looking pics? Love that! Happy belated birthday although I think I told you happy birthday ON your birthday on Twitter! LOL

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