I looooove moleskin notebooks. Over the years I’ve amassed, quite a collection. At my parent’s house I have about 20 of all different sizes filled with notes, doodles, clippings, whatever. At the moment I have 3 in rotation.

I always have them with me to jot down something I hear, books I see at Barnes and Nobles that I eventually want to read, but am too broke to buy, quotes, whatever! I even follow a moleskin blog (moleskinerie) to get more ideas to fill my pages.

Here’s one of my favorite moleskine’s I’ve seen. An artist sketched some really awesome google street views. See?

I’ve always wondered the correct way to pronounce the word moleskine. It’s pronounced Moh-leh-skee-neh but I say MOLE-SKIN. Check out a video of random people saying it. You can definitely tell the Americans! 😛

(I promise to blog about my trip to Canada/niagara falls/my bday this week)

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