Linkies from Pinkie

I have a few links to share with you.

Our Little Family– is a blog by one of my dearest friends, Amanda. It documents her new life as a mommy of a precious boy named Caiden as well as other things she’s dealing with in life-decorating, gardening, and of course the perfect haircut!

Mana Pot Addict-is a new blog by my friend Kiki! She describes it as “Pictures, links to things I find interesting, adorable kittens, Anything! By default I am a geeky person, I sit at my computer all day and play video games, so expect most of what is posted here to be sort of amazing.” It is definitely a super cute blog and I’m already drooling over one of the items she posted! These super cute headphones from UrbanEars! They come in purple! Squee!

Yooshername Whatshername is a new blog by my friend Devynn!. This is the third time I’ve updated her link, hehe. Make sure you check it out. She blogs about her every day life, funny situations, astrological stuff, and if this blog is like her old blog, which I have a feeling it will be, it will have the coolest “I want” posts that will have you adding some new clothes/items to your collection. Check out this cute zipper bracelet! I want one in silver.

add them to your blog roll!

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