banana split

Ive officially been in West Virginia for two weeks now. During these two weeks I’ve learned that

-the bf forgets to put the toilet seat down more often than not (Im gonna put a post it over it reminding him)

-Even though not technically in the south, West Virginians are a lot like southerners. They always are very polite and make conversation any chance they get

-grocery stores here have beer, wine, and hard liquor!

-my Xbox is for streaming netflix first, and then gaming-I’ve watched SOOOO many movies and finished Generation Kill and finally picked up where I left off in The L Word! I’m starting season 4 tomorrow

-My hate for FPS’s (first person shooters like halo, left 4 dead, call of duty, etc.) has disappeared!

-a banana split from The Poky Dot (a little diner here) is NOT for one person. It’s not even for 2 people! The bf and I ordered a banana split and received this!

we couldn’t finish it :/

-aaaaaand that i need a job!

I’ve actually applied at a couple of places. I’ve received the “we got your application and will get back to you soon” replies. Hopefully, someone will get back to me soon. Until then I’ll enjoy my freedom and apply for other jobs. šŸ˜›

(and yes, I changed my blog theme again! I’m always on the search for a theme that feels like home! Let’s see how long this lasts.)


7 thoughts on “banana split

  1. happy sigh – I love reading about your happy relationship šŸ™‚ it gives me hope. Good luck finding a job!! (btw I love the dresses you want!!) and WOW that is a huge banana split. YUM!!!

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