Thanks Google!

I love Google! I use them for everything. Searches, email, chat, directions, recently Google Wave, Google Documents, Analytics for this site, EVERYTHING! And I love them a little bit more now. While reading GeekSugar I discovered that Google is offering to mail one free holiday postcard on your behalf to anyone in the United States! You pick a template, fill it out, submit and Google sends it off to your recipient of choice! I picked the Rudolph postcard. To get yours, go to Gmail Holiday cards.Hurry before they’re all gone!


4 thoughts on “Thanks Google!

  1. Ooo! Thanks for sharing the link! I just sent the reindeer one to my parents! Hopefully, I’ll actually get their package of Christmas gifts mailed off in time, but at least this way they’re getting something in time. 😉

  2. I love Google too, they are freakin awesome & make my life about 15 times easier. I also use google wave – add me (! I don’t know very many people who have it, but it seems to be growing in popularity.

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