This arrived in the mail today from my dear friend Tony. 3 of my favorite Dutch treats! Hagelslag, pindakaas, and Chocolate letters. I was reallllllllly excited to get them and contemplated a way to eat them all at once. I thought about smearing pindakaas over a chocolate letter and sprinkling hagelslag on top of it and devouring it!

It was only a thought. I’m not going to do that. Instead I’ll eat it as slow as possible so it can last foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….or a couple of weeks ^_^


best of 2009 (1)

There’s a blog challenge that a lot of 20 something bloggers are participating in. It’s “The Best of 2009 Challenge“. Basically it’s reflecting on your 2009, with a writing prompt for each day. There’s no way, I am going to post every day. I’ve tried and failed (remember NaBloPoMo?). However, I will write on a few prompts each week!

What was your best trip in 2009?– Florence, Italy! It was my first trip of the year! I actually spent my New Year’s Eve here. I was completely alone for this trip, but had a blast. I enjoyed exploring the city, visiting museums, getting lost, seeing beaaaautiful sites, running from Italian men, and eating lots of pizza! I stayed in a really cool hostel, met some fun people, and also met the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on in my entire life-Francesco.


Restaurant moment. Share the best restaurant experience you had this year. Cheese Fries at Huey’s! The day I moved back to the states, I had the food I missed the most while I was away-Huey’s Cheese Fries. mmmmmmmm!


What book – fiction or non – touched you? Where were you when you read it? Have you bought and given away multiple copies? The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I borrowed it from my boss and read it in two nights. I loved it and even though I haven’t given away copies, I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Night out. Did you have a night out with friends or a loved one that rocked your world? Who was there? What was the highlight of the night? I had tons of fun nights this year. I can’t choose a favorite!

Blog find of the year. That gem of a blog you can’t believe you didn’t know about until this year. Color Me Katie! I love this blog. It’s full of really cool art and photographs. I never skip a post!


While browsing GeekSugar, one of my new favorite websites, I found something totally rad that I HAVE to share with you guys. I’m a sucker for an awesome, but simple wallpaper. No fancy designs everywhere, just a clean, simple, design. GeekSugar featured a website the other day that fulfilled these neeeeeeds, Simple Desktops! “A collection of desktop wallpapers curated by Tom Watson to make your computer beautiful without distraction.” Exactly what I want!

I couldn’t just possibly choose one, so I chose them all! Well, 59 of them. ^_^ I now have ever-changing wallpaper! Every 5 minutes my wallpaper changes to one of those sleek, simple, designs. I zipped and upped them for a friend and you’re welcome to them too. Click this link and it should automatically start downloading.

Thanks Google!

I love Google! I use them for everything. Searches, email, chat, directions, recently Google Wave, Google Documents, Analytics for this site, EVERYTHING! And I love them a little bit more now. While reading GeekSugar I discovered that Google is offering to mail one free holiday postcard on your behalf to anyone in the United States! You pick a template, fill it out, submit and Google sends it off to your recipient of choice! I picked the Rudolph postcard. To get yours, go to Gmail Holiday cards.Hurry before they’re all gone!