sdc12624I had a lovely week. It’s spring time in Amsterdam! My favorite time of the year here. The weather is perfect, everyone’s in a generally happy mood, and I get to spend a lot of time outdoors-both during work hours and off! Just lovely! I didn’t spend ALL of my time outside. On Tuesday, Sue and I decided to go to an au pair meetup. I usually steer clear of these things, because I’m not a big fan of meeting up and talking about the kids we look after, but I had a long day and I wanted a drink. And besides Sue would be there, so if it were lame, I would’ve still enjoyed hanging out with her. It was surprisingly a lot of fun. I met some really nice girls and had a blast drinking and dancing with them. Oh, did I mention there was free alcohol and sushi?! Oh yea! There was free yummy sushi and alcohol ^_^
Fun times! This weekend should be fun. Tomorrow I am going to Rotterdam to hang out with Kizzy. Not sure what we’re doing! What are we doing, KIZZY?! Sunday, weather permitting, there will be drinking in the park with some friends of mine. Wish you were here! xoxo

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