Stroopwafels? Yes, pls!

I was inspired by Daisy of the blog Australian Daisy (great blog about an American girl in Australia. Check it out!) to start a little series. She started one today called “Experience Australia-The Little Things” in which she highlights something very Australian. Well, I don’t have a name for mine, but I’m starting a similar series. I’ll be randomly blogging about…yep, you guessed it, very Dutch things! The first very Dutch and very yummy thing is *drumroll* Stroopwafels!
Mmmm! Just their name has my mouth watering. Stroopwafels are yummy thin dutch waffels filled with syrup. I know you’re thinking “meh…so, what?” So, what?! SO, WHAT?! A bite of a stroopwafel is a taste of heaven in your mouth. These things are amazing, but also addictive. You can’t just eat one. I dare you to try! Ask anyone. Actually, don’t ask a Dutch person. I don’t think the Dutch care for them as much as expats and tourists do. We adore them! Their addictive power is the very reason I have banned myself from buying them. When I first moved to the Netherlands I ate them with coffee, for dessert, with an afternoon tea. Basically, all the time! I was going through them like crazy. Now, I only buy them if a tourist is in town or to take back to friends/family in the states. You know what’s even tastier than a package of stroopwafels? A fresh warm GIANT stroopwafel! They’re sold at at random stalls around the city. Mostly at markets or the fair (kermis). If you come to The Netherlands, treat yourself to one….or twelve of them ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s Devynn showing off her warm stroopwafel at the Albert Cuyp Market. photo credit-Emily (I feel like I should give a photo credit since I jacked it off of emily’s facebook >.<)

5 thoughts on “Stroopwafels? Yes, pls!

  1. OMGOSH! I’m SOOOO excited you are going to do this! I LUV learning about other countries and am so excited to see what you highlight and share. YAY!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And now I really want to try a stroopwafel – they look YUMMY. You don’t any recipes for them do you?

  2. I had one of those when I was in Sweden, ok I had more than one. I also remember having a Swedish drink called Glogg.

    Oh by the way, just a warning…
    I’ll be tagging you for a gaming related meme in a few days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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