purple crayon

So, I got a heads up from Ike that google has new themes for your iGoogle! GAMING inspired themes! There’s a lot of cool ones. World of Warcraft, MegaMan, legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Galaga! ahhhh! Just go check them out. I know you guys are probably guessing I picked the warcraft theme, but I didn’t. Ha! How could I go with WoW when there was a Zelda option!? ( Zelda > WoW ) I never used iGoogle before this, but now that I have a rad theme, I will. I’ve already set it as my home page. It’s pretty nifty. I added some extras to it-my horoscope, news, weather, and some penguins! The penguins serve no purpose other than to amuse me. I drag them around and they waddle. Quite cute! Anyway, the Zelda theme is awesome and changes depending on the time of day.

I’m sure everyone has seen the trailer for the movie “Where the Wild Things Are” already. (If you haven’t, watch it!)Doesn’t it look awesome?! I liked the book as a child and have read it a million times in my adult life through my work with children. So, yea…I’m looking forward to it! I wish they would transform my favorite childhook books in to a movie. Harold and the purple crayon. Now that would be awesome. Harold was so flippin awesome and I dreamed of having a purple crayon like his. Ahh, one day.

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