Stroopwafels? Yes, pls!

I was inspired by Daisy of the blog Australian Daisy (great blog about an American girl in Australia. Check it out!) to start a little series. She started one today called “Experience Australia-The Little Things” in which she highlights something very Australian. Well, I don’t have a name for mine, but I’m starting a similar series. I’ll be randomly blogging about…yep, you guessed it, very Dutch things! The first very Dutch and very yummy thing is *drumroll* Stroopwafels!
Mmmm! Just their name has my mouth watering. Stroopwafels are yummy thin dutch waffels filled with syrup. I know you’re thinking “meh…so, what?” So, what?! SO, WHAT?! A bite of a stroopwafel is a taste of heaven in your mouth. These things are amazing, but also addictive. You can’t just eat one. I dare you to try! Ask anyone. Actually, don’t ask a Dutch person. I don’t think the Dutch care for them as much as expats and tourists do. We adore them! Their addictive power is the very reason I have banned myself from buying them. When I first moved to the Netherlands I ate them with coffee, for dessert, with an afternoon tea. Basically, all the time! I was going through them like crazy. Now, I only buy them if a tourist is in town or to take back to friends/family in the states. You know what’s even tastier than a package of stroopwafels? A fresh warm GIANT stroopwafel! They’re sold at at random stalls around the city. Mostly at markets or the fair (kermis). If you come to The Netherlands, treat yourself to one….or twelve of them 🙂


That’s Devynn showing off her warm stroopwafel at the Albert Cuyp Market. photo credit-Emily (I feel like I should give a photo credit since I jacked it off of emily’s facebook >.<)


purple crayon

So, I got a heads up from Ike that google has new themes for your iGoogle! GAMING inspired themes! There’s a lot of cool ones. World of Warcraft, MegaMan, legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Galaga! ahhhh! Just go check them out. I know you guys are probably guessing I picked the warcraft theme, but I didn’t. Ha! How could I go with WoW when there was a Zelda option!? ( Zelda > WoW ) I never used iGoogle before this, but now that I have a rad theme, I will. I’ve already set it as my home page. It’s pretty nifty. I added some extras to it-my horoscope, news, weather, and some penguins! The penguins serve no purpose other than to amuse me. I drag them around and they waddle. Quite cute! Anyway, the Zelda theme is awesome and changes depending on the time of day.

I’m sure everyone has seen the trailer for the movie “Where the Wild Things Are” already. (If you haven’t, watch it!)Doesn’t it look awesome?! I liked the book as a child and have read it a million times in my adult life through my work with children. So, yea…I’m looking forward to it! I wish they would transform my favorite childhook books in to a movie. Harold and the purple crayon. Now that would be awesome. Harold was so flippin awesome and I dreamed of having a purple crayon like his. Ahh, one day.


My birthday has come and gone. It was such a lovely time. I had a blast. There was cake, beer, and most importantly friends! We started out drinking/hanging out at my place and out on the later went out on the town. We had a blast. Some a little more than others 😉 But this is neither the place nor the time. I also scored some awesome gifts! An XBOX 360! with some games including Street Fighter 4!, an amazing homemade cake, some chocolates and candy from poland, lots of booze, a cosmetic case, a lovely hardcover for my new macbook and flowers. Thanks for all the wishes as well! I added a photo album to my photos page. You can find it here.

Hmm, the rest of the weekend was pretty chill. Just hung around playing World of Warcraft and hanging out with Tony who spent the weekend here.

I really want some chinese food. From the states. It tastes different(better!) there.

my birthday is near

It’s that time of year again! My birthday is just around the corner. *dances* I am turning 26. Wow…that is sort of old. Oh well, my mom says “It’s a blessing, stop complaining” and she’s right. I’m healthy, happy, and my life is pretty okay. I have nothing to complain about.

I got a birthday present the other day (14 days early…hehe)! It was a donation in my name to Planned Parenthood from Jim! Yay! oh and congrats to Jim as well. He will be a home owner soon!

“god. you get a birthday, some little bastard doesnt get born, and i get $25 more in my tax return and i got my house. what a day!”-james francis

I lol’d

Wanna get in on the birthday giving action? You don’t have to be as generous as ham francis and donate money! (If you do want to donate, I’m not stopping you, click here!) All you have to do is help protect women’s health by signing this letter to President Obama!

Click the link to sign and hopefully help overturn the Bush administration rule that limits the rights of patients to receive complete and accurate reproductive health information and services.

Thanks in advance! ^_^


Devynn linked me this today

I know you’re like”…so?”

Well, I’m not! This has been my tattoo idea for ages! YEARS and YEARS! Same place and everything! *sigh* I’m still getting it one day. Though mine will be smaller and a lot cuter.
see?! Please note that I drew it in blue ink and the drawing is kind of off. The one holding a briefcase looks pregnant.



So true! I stay in bed until the last possible minute every morning. Today I woke up at 11:30. Hurrah for Friday mornings off. I was up all night, not having amazing mind blowing sex or dancing until the wee hours of the night. I was awake because there was a drunk ass guy dry heaving/puking right beneath my window. Even with my earbuds on I could still hear him. Blech