another goodbye

Living in such an expat friendly city is awesome. One thing I both love and hate is the abundance of expats! Don’t get me wrong! I love the Netherlands and the Dutch, but there’s something so familiar and lovely about hanging out with Americans. It feels cozy and homelike and I don’t think I could not have survived my time abroad without that feeling. The crappy thing about the abundance is that expats usually aren’t permanent. 😦 It feels just as I am getting close and connecting with someone, it’s time to say goodbye. I just said goodbye last month to my friend’s Manon and Devynn who were HUGE parts of my life here. And in a couple of days I will say goodbye to Emily. I haven’t known her as long as the other two, but her leaving the Netherlands will definitely have it’s effect on me. After saying goodbye to our connecting bond, Devynn, we were each other’s buddies. Meeting up for lunches, dinners, bitching about work, surprisingly not much partying, but good times nonetheless. *sigh* I’m going to miss her tons. Tomorrow we’re going to hit up some museums and maybe if she’s feeling up to it, go out tomorrow night.

I wanted to add cute pictures of us at the end of the blog, but we don’t have any! Only pics from drunk Thanksgiving. So, enjoy!

Note that we were very, VERY, drunk in these pictures. We’re usually much cuter than this. Also note that I don’t grab Emily’s boob or smush her face with my hand when I’m sober πŸ™‚


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