I’m happy to announce that I am not in a state of depression as I thought I would be with the departure of two of my best friends here in the Netherlands. Of course, I’m sad and I miss them, but I’m dealing with it ok. Been keeping myself occupied. Hehe… playing World of Warcraft some. Now maybe I can finally hit 80 and start raiding again! Probably not. This expansion has yet to grab me and keep me involved. Also been downloading some movies/tv series. The Savages, Ghost World, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Stranger Than Fiction, Grandma’s Boy, seasons of How I Met Your Mother, 30 rock, and the remaining 2 seasons of Six Feet Under that I haven’t seen. I’ve never seen any of those except Ghost World. Looking forward to nights in with movies and wine! I’m still taking recommendations, so recommend some movies for me!

(aren’t those rodents freaking cute?!)

3 thoughts on “announcement

  1. @ dev they are freaking cute! I always had hamsters and gerbils, but I always wanted a guinea pig!

    @em I watched that with Devynn. It was freaking good. anywho, yes…think of more!

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