Hey! I’m back! Was on vacation for 2.5 weeks. I’m exhausted. Who know vacationing could take so much out of you!? I had a great  time. Specifically at the tail end when I traveled alone to Florence. Here are links to pictures on my flickr!

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Bolzano, Italy

Florence, Italy

Pisa, Italy

Back in cold, grey, Amsterdam. The water’s frozen! Know what that means? It means you can actually skate on the canals and ponds. Everyone (the dutch are pro at skating…it’s what they do!) is excited and I’ve been hearing about it for a week now. It’s good to be back in my own apartment and my own bed. Unfortunately, I had to come home to an empty house. In fact the empty house will be the norm for me for a while. My roomie Devynn moved back to the states while I was on vacation. I miss her already! We spent a lot of time together(in and out of the house) and even though we only met this summer, she became one of my best friends. Miss you Devynn!

And Manon! My other bestest friend, Manon, is moving back to Australia this week. Woah! I’m really getting emotional just typing this. However will I wave her goodbye at the airport? Manon has been here the majority of my time in Amsterdam! We were roomies for about 4 months and even though we don’t live together anymore I see her at least every other day for coffee, a chat, whatever. She’s been my emotional strength, comfort, best friend, dancing buddy, EVERYTHING! I can’t imagine Amsterdam without her. She’s opened my eyes to jazz/blues/funky stuff and vintage style. I will never ever forget her or the memories I have of our times. Planning a trip to visit  her in Australia for December this year.

I wonder how many people in the world are dreading going back to work as much as I am. :/

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