the land of the Swiss

I’m here! I arrived in Switzerland this morning after my long, but lovely train ride. I departed from Amsterdam last night around 8:45 PM and arrived here this afternoon. I didn’t sleep very much on the way over. Instead, I entertained myself with episodes of The Office. (I’m finally caught up to the current season) The train ride really was beautiful. Not the long, dark, part through Germany, but the lovely 4.5 hour morning section through Switzerland on the Glacier Express. Even though I was exhausted at this point, I could not fall asleep. My face was pressed against the window, mouth open, as I zigzagged in and out and over and under of the snow covered Alps. It was breathtaking. I remember at one point, going over a bridge, looking down and not being able to see the ground and then looking up and hardly being able to see the tops of the mountains!

OOh! found a pic of that very point. Just imagine it covered in snow.

After, I arrived the family came to pick me up and we had a delicious lunch in Celerina, a small village near St. Moritz. Then we went to the house. We are staying in the cutest little house. I wish I had a friend with me as I have a huge room with 2 beds. :/ For dinner, we had something typically Swiss. Fondue! I didn’t know it originated here, but apparently it did. It was delicious. I know it sounds impossible, but I could taste the collective cheese taste and also each individual cheese that was in it. So yum! My Dutch parents recommended that I taste the la religieuse which is French for the crusty bottom part. Yummier! Switzerland=So far, so good! I hope it continues this way.

oh and the chocolate. mmmmmMmMmmMM

2 thoughts on “the land of the Swiss

  1. i am jealous of everything you said in this post, MINUS the going over the scary bridge thing. ummmmm i probably woulda had an anxiety attack.

    p.s. mmmmm fondue. jealous.
    p.p.s. send me lekker swiss chocolate!

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