Starshards, I’ll miss you!

I’ve been wanting to write this post about the new updates in WoW, but I’m alwayd distracted by…WoW and haven’t been able to start it. Thank goodness for Tuesdays! Any WoW-er knows what I mean when I say that. Tuesdays are the days Blizzard takes down our precious servers to do maintenence and updates to the game. Hopefully they’re busy fixing all the problems that have been caused by Patch 3.0.2! Which is what I’m about to yap about.

Two weeks ago Blizzard launched Patch 3.0.2 which was a preparation patch. The updates and changes made during that patch are preparing us for Wrath of the Lich King, the expansion, that drops on November 13th (goodbye social life)! They made a lot of changes!

*Everyone has to respec their characters. Blizzard refunded the talent points. Now you have 51 points and new spells!
* I get no love from Blizz! Priests weren’t really nerfed, but they took away my night elf priest class racial! No more starshards! 😦
*Locks got some cool updates including a new talents(affliction spec)
*And sorry. No news on other classes. I don’t read other classes updates, since I don’t play them. I do know the huntards got some new training ability because they’ve been training new pets! New annoying pets! The core hounds from Molten Core specifically. I wouldn’t mind these pets if they didn’t shake my entire screen when they walked by. arghh. Annoying. Blizzard, please fix it?
*Dungeons and raids from Karazhan to Sunwell have been nerfed! Every boss has had their health points lowered and do less spell damage. Thanks for making Kara even easier! As if we needed that. Now you can 5 man some bosses there that previously required an entire 10 man raid.
*There’s a new profession! Inscription! With this new profession Inscribers will be able to create glyphs for players that augment the cooldown, damage, or mechanics of spells. My priest has two and my warlock will get hers as soon as i research which is the best for her. I won’t be taking up this new professions as my lock still needs to level herbalism. (it’s at 27!)
*My favorite addition to the game is The Barber Shop! I’ve been looking forward to this addition for a looooong time as Ayda’s hair was not that cute. Barber shop is a barber shop in game that allows you to change your character’s hair style, hair color, facial hair, piercings, etc. I’ve been having fun with it! Too bad it’s costly. About 12g a visit.

I changed Apricot’s hair from long and dark, to short and reddish. I hated it and switched it about an hour later. To something a little longer and curlier than before, but still dark.
*My least favorite addition to the game is achievements! Gah! these things will be the end of me. Achievements are different goals for characters to meet. You get achievement points for each achievement completed. They range from exploring lands, completing dungeons, to /love-ing 98593829 animals scattered all across the world, to hugging someone’s corpse after they have died. I have to admit they are fun to do, but also annoying because I’ll never have as many achievements as my friends who are REALLY into getting them. Some achievements also reward you with titles. Apricot’s title is now Apricot Jenkins! hahaha, Because she completed the achievement of killing 50 whelps in the Upper Blackrock Spire’s rookery, the same place where Leeroy and his guild wiped in the video, under 15 seconds. Just for the LOLZ, here’s the Leeroy Video

still funny
*Eww! Blizz made items have +spell power instead of either +healing or +spell damage. Which isn’t such a bad thing, since I only have to carry one set of gear around on my healer. But it really sucked to have to disenchant some of my epics. OUCH!

better get used to it. I will probably be doing lots of disenchanting come November 13th!

ha! did I really just write my longest blog ever…on WoW!?

*hides in corner*

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