at the bar

at the bar

Last night was the most random night I’ve had in Amsterdam in a long time. I was going to type ever, but sheesh…I’ve had some random nights here. It started off with me telling Devynn over and over that I wouldn’t be going out. A few beers later and the added company of Devynn’s friend, American Annie who is new to Amsterdam, changed my mind. We had a few beers at our place before heading out to hit the town! We walked around the Red Light District. Hahaha. Sounds like I go there a lot. I don’t! Well, I do, but only to show people who haven’t been. Anywho, while debating over whether to spend money on a sex show we saw a boat of boys….errr, men going down the canal. Not something out of the ordinary, but what was out of the ordinary is that we waved, they waved, and they seriously put the boat in reverse and invited us in. And who are we to turn a boat ride down? So, we jumped off the side of the canal and into the boat with about 9 men.



Turns out they were a group of German/Canadian business men in Amsterdam on business. The guy leading the tour was some awkward Dutch guy who was completely Dutch. Maybe THE definition of a Dutch guy. I mean…when Dev and I told him, “You are REALLY Dutch” he responded, “I am, but most Dutch people cannot afford a coat like my jacket. This is REALLY expensive jacket”. bwahahahha, proving his Dutch-ness even more. I should write a blog about what I consider to be “Completely Dutch”. Anywho, he led our “tour” which was basically drinking the business guys’ beers and talking. I honestly thought that our boat was going to sink. The weight was unbalanced and there was water at the bottom! Throughout the ride, Captain Dutchie kept making us switch sides to even it out. After 45 minutes of boating through canals, we arrived at our destination/their suite of their hotel which was right in the red light district. I failed to mention that during this entire boat ride I had to pee. So badly! As soon as we docked I ran to the nearest available bathroom. Which happened to be in a sex shop. I ran in, got permission to use the bathroom and pulled up my dress and fell INTO the toilet soaking my purple leggings! Arghh! Typical soph. The dress I was wearing was far too short to go leggings-less so I was forced to buy a 15 euro pair of skanky thigh highs from the sex shop. A sight to see 🙂 We ended up hanging out at the business guy’s suite for a while. They were pretty nice, the suite was…sweet (muahahaha, I had to), I got to play DJ Pinkie and there was free booze and food. Eventually, we left with Captain Dutchie and went to another bar which was way crowded. We left there, biked(no drunken falls) to Leidseplein where we got snacks, peed, and continued our way back to our place to pass the hell out. Random, right?


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  1. I think the most infuriating thing about most men is the absurd gloating that they do that is incredibly shallow. “Most others can’t afford this coat”. What a tool. Real Classy.

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