busy apartment

It’s been pretty busy at the apartment lately. On Sunday, Tony and his friend, Yulia from Siberia, came to spend the night. They wanted to spend one last day in Amsterdam before Yulia departed again for Siberia. When Tony comes to town it’s like Christmas! He works for a company on an American military base that has an American store. He always brings goodies with him! Including poptarts! Which are my favorites and unavailable in The Netherlands.

Thanks Tony!

I had a lot of fun while they were here. I didn’t plan on going out on a Sunday night, but Tony convinced me and Devynn to join him. We ended up walking through the Red Light District and hanging out at a bar for awhile. I was a bit sloshed. Mostly due to the jager (another gift from the American place) I consumed before leaving the house. Fortunately, we were able to catch the last tram home and I got 8 hours of sleep before working the next day. UNFORTUNATELY, that didn’t help my hangover at all. I was under the weather until around 3 that afternoon. Didn’t stop me from going out that night though! Manon invited me to a jazz/burlesque show at The Sugar Factory. I didn’t drink, but I had fun. It was an interesting show. The jazz was good and of course the girls were hot. At one point they brought a pole out and a really talented and flexible woman with the most perfect butt showed us her skills. It was…great. 😉

On Tuesday, Devynn officially moved in to the apartment and Jenna from Minnesota came to stay for a few days! Jenna was just passing through on her way to Ghana/Liberia to do research. I had a good time while she was here. Exploring the city and discovering new things. I think I know a lot about t he city and then I turn down a wrong corner and find something I never knew about! I love it! I gave her a tour, by bike aroudn the city. She had one spill! Over the tram tracks. I was impressed.

The first few months I lived here I got my tires stuck in the tram tracks constantly. but then again I am a bit of a klutz. :/


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