back, back!

Two of my friends are moving away. That’s the crappy part about having au pair friends. They eventually leave. Chloe’s moving to Sweden and Jacqui is travelling around Europe until she goes back “down under” in October. The upside is going away parties…as if we need an excuse. Friday night is Chloe’s night. Were just going to drink and hang around the city. On Saturday, Jacqui is having a barbeque and drinks with friends. When we’ve had enough, we’re going out in the city for dancing and more drinking. Fun, fun! In light of “losing” friends, I am going to make an effort to make new friends. I’m already off to a good start! Tuesday, I met a girl that works down the street from me and tonight I’m having drinks with a guy I met on Koninginnenacht.  And soon(next week, soon!) an American girl i’ve been in contact with via facebook is moving to Amsterdam. Go, me!

I’ve been working a lot lately. I know this picture of play-doh “me” and kid looks like a lot of fun and not much work, but trust me! It’s a lot of work (and fun!). There’s much more to being an au pair than parks and play-doh. It’s been very tiring lately and will get even more so with summer holidays coming up.

I went to the World Press Photo( An independent, nonprofit organization based in The Netherlands supporting and promoting professional press photographers internationally) exhibit. Finally! I’ve been planning to go since it opened and I only just went a week before it moves to a different city. Pinkie the procrastinator! It was a very moving exhibition. I only wish they sold postcards of all the wining photos. I fell in love with one. A portrait by photographer, Kara Walker. It was beautiful and you can take a look at it here!

and yes, I know I haven’t mentioned anything about the Dutchies loss against the Russians last weekend that kicked them out of the Eurocup. Apparently, that’s what you do. You never mention it!

4 thoughts on “back, back!

  1. Hello! Since you just posted the link to this on LJ, I was sniffing around your old entries. I stopped on this one because it mentioned Kara Walker. Even though she isn’t a photographer (that’s actually a photo of her by Chuck Close), she’s still amazing, and I just saw an exhibition of hers at The Modern in Fort Worth. Her silhouette stuff is detailed, complex, and perverse all at the same time; it was absolutely made of awesome.

    Ah, anyways- you should check out some more of her work. Here’s my favorite of the moment:

    That’s all for now. Take care!

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