Long time no update. Hmm….well,  Amsterdam is orange again! This
time for a different reason. The 2008 Eurocup! The games began a week
ago and everyone is excited…that’s an understatement. They are
fanatic about their National Dutch team. The entire city was orange
about a week before the games even started! Streamers, balloons, anything
that the Dutch can find is painted orange and strung up in front of
buildings. My roomie and I even spotted an orange cow! Not a live
one…Anywho, we watched the game from Rembrandtplein (one of the huge
entertainment squares in Amsterdam). We were a bit late. We missed
the first two goals, but we were updated as they happened. We were updated by two random girls outside who, upon seeing us decked out in orange on the tram, screamed out the score to us. And the second time there was a guy yelling to some people in a restaurant from outside. The bars everywhere were packed and
people spilled out of them into the terraces. Thank goodness
Holland won.  I would have hated to see that crowd if it was a lost.
Next game is Friday v France. They are going down!

(me, my roomie, and a statue from “nightwatch” by Rembrandt)
Hup, Holland, Hup!

In other not so orange news, I am sick. I have laryngitis. I’ve had it
for about a week now. And it’s not getting better! in fact, it’s
getting nastier and nastier! *enter spoiled American whining* All I
want is some non-drowsy Sudafed. Is that too much to ask for Holland?!
Is IT!? If I had sudafed I would be over this already…

and to continue spoiled american whining. I  am dying without an air
conditioner! It’s not even summer yet and I am burning up. I just find
it really uncomfortable to sleep without AC and just a window open.
Even when I sleep (sorry if this is TMI) in the nude I still wake up
in sweats.
I’m also currently experiencing my first toothache. I went to the
dentist and after x-rays they concluded that I need a root canal. It’s
really expensive and now i am officially broke. After the costs
associated with that and the repair of my laptop(yea, the one i sent
off in MARCH!!!! still not back), i don’t know how I wil survive until
July 1st.

Ok the whining is over! 🙂

So, now my three week July vacation is up in the air…not sure where
I’ll be going. I was thinking London, where I can crash on my
aunt/uncle’s house and eat their food, and not have to spend any money
and it would still be a vacation.

Let’s see what else has been going on…

My friend Martina, from
Memphis who’s studying in Germany for a semester, came to visit this
past weekend. She loved Amsterdam and I really enjoyed her being here.
It was like having a little slice of home.

and I went to a going away party for a friend. A costume party, my
favorite! I went as my default black cat and my friends went as the
most random things. One as a Swedish lamp! haha

the beginning of the night

and by the end of the night 🙂


3 thoughts on “HAI

  1. poor thing, sick?.. hope you’re getting better
    and the Catwoman thing.. I like it. but aren’t you supposed to be dressed in all leather? 😉

    just a thought: guess you’ll have to like orange in that place 😀

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