Koninginnedag, or Queens day, is a Dutch holiday celebrating the Queen’s birthday. It’s celebrated yearly on April 29th or 30th which is not actually the present Queen’s birthday. It’s her mothers birthday, but she decided to keep the holiday on that day as a tribute to her mom. How sweet. 😛 Queen’s Day is basically a big party. A big party where everyone in the Netherlands gets drunk and wears orange. Partying starts the previous night, Koninginnenacht. You party all night then wake up in the morning to attend the markets. My koninginnenacht was fun.queensnight My friends and I pre-partied until about 11 then went out to hit the town. We lasted long, surprisingly, after all the tequila I had. Got home around 5 and woke up around 9 to head to the market. Markets are basically little kids selling their old stuff or services. My dutch family, my hungover friends, and I walked to Vondelpark(the central park of Amsterdam) to attend the markets. There were people everywhere and kids selling ANYTHING! Some kids along with their friends learned dance routines and put out a coffee can for donations. Some had “hit me in the face with an egg” booths for a euro. Some sold really shitty stuff, like coloring they did in a coloring book. I almost got ripped off by this kid trying to sell me a hello kitty McDonald’s toy for 10 euro! Luckily, her mom was there to calm her and the price down to 50 euro cents. I also scored a European adapter for my gameboy for 5 euro (score!). marketAfter 2 hours of marketing(not even over my hangover by this point!)my friends and I were ready to join the rest of the country in partying. We walked around…at a very sloooooow pace. There were millions of people(or at least that’s what it seemed like) in the city. We walked to the Jordaan where a DJ was playing and drank/partied/danced there all day. kdagHalf way through the day my friends left to head home for a nap. I, being the trooper I am, stayed out to enjoy the day. I met up with some boys I met on Queens night (hehe!) and partied with them until I was tired. All in all, my first Koninginnedag was a blast! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

party boat
Party boat! the canals were full of these boats! And they were full of dancing drunk people!
*note to self* procure party boat or at least hook up with someone who has one

An older woman lived above the bar on the street we were partying on. Every now and then she would come out and dance a little or cheer. Someone from the crowd even bought a beer for her!

The entire city was orange!

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