trashy valentine’s

For V-day, I did just what I said I would do. I cleaned the “someone special’s” room while he was out running errands. He was surprised when he got back. Heck, we both we were. There were parts of the floor that I haven’t seen in awhile. On top of everything, I found a favorite shirt that I thought had been lost. Score! He (and his flatmate) were grateful and said it looked awesome. The rest of the day was spent hanging out. We had what he called a “Trashy Valentine’s” (*didn’t think it was trashy, better than previous V-day dates). I didn’t want to go anywhere fancy so we went to our favorite Chinese buffet. Yum! I didn’t complain. After dinner, we stopped by a local drugstore to take advantage of the 50% off chocolate! mmmm. Also grabbed a 40 ounce of High Life(what?! it’s the champagne of beers!) for his roomie who was back at the house valentine-less. We popped a red bow on it before we gave it to him to give it a special V-day feel. The three of us spent the evening drinking, me-red wine(**me and red wine=no fun…for others!) and them-some weird electric green concoction(green apple vodka-yuck!/some green hawaiian punch drin-double yuck!), and talking about the most random things.

*Trashiest Valentine’s Day EVER(though, I loved it!) was last year. It consisted of ordering in pizza and playing World of Warcraft all night! It was days after Blizard releassed the expansion so we were both very anxious to get our characters to 70 and test out the new content!

**the story of me and red wine. I’m not sure what the hell it is, but anytime I get tipsy or drunk as the result of red wine I turn in to the biggest Bitch ever! I start off alright and then about an hour before I’m ready to sleep/pass out, I have some transformation. Kind of like the hulk, but still cute and not all big and stuff! I start picking fights for no reason, bringing up wrong doings from the past, yelling…I’m never like this! An example of this transformation was last night. We got into bed and he fell asleep. You know? That thing you do when you head to bed! I went off on him for that and then I started with the “YOU THINK I’M FAT! Don’t you!?”

There was more, but I don’t remember it (at least that’s what I’m sticking to). I feel awful about it all. I think I finally agree with all the ex-bf’s that say I’m acrazy bitch.


2 thoughts on “trashy valentine’s

  1. bwahaha! yeah, whiskey does the same thing to me…. it’s strange. I won’t drink much of it, cause I always have guilt the next day for being a HUGE BITCH! hehe

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