valentine’s schmalentine’s

So, i bought a new graphic novel today.
I like it a lot. it’s a collection of autobiographical webcomic’s from a woman named Jennie Breedie. It’s cool, the characters are sassy. It’s kind of what I imagine my webcomic to be like…you know, if I was creative enough to do something like that. If you’re interested check it out online right here!

Tomorrow is Valetine’s Day. Not really a big deal for me. I never really liked the holiday and no! It’s not because i’m bitter. in fact, I have a someone special at the moment. I just don’t see the point of buying crap for someone just because it’s february 14th, ya know? that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be sucked into all the hype! I’m sure I’ll be getting something from the someone special and I’m totally going to give him something. I’m completely broke. So, his “gift” will be cheap or free. His room is a mess (partly, my doing)! Maybe I’ll clean it up for him and do his laundry? And maybe frame an awesome picture of us? I think that will work.


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